Music Festival Shopping Guide: Gifts for the Music Festival Lover

Music festival gifts are a great idea, all year ’round.  We all (hopefully!) have a music festival lover in our family, workplace or circle of friends.  Some of the more die-hard amongst them may spend all of their disposable income on live music, from concerts and music festivals to downloads and merchandise.  This could leave very little for other music festival essentials!

Luckily, you’re here!

Check out this extensive list of music festival gift ideas for the music festival lover in your life, and surprise someone with a treat that will have them dancing and being their fest self!

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Music Festival Gifts: For the practical music festival lover

It’s not all unicorns and rainbows – there is a strong element of practicality at music festivals, and some music festival lovers embrace the heck out of this.  You can see this in their neatly organized camp, with everything thought of.  Well, almost everything! 

That’s where you come in, with these amazingly practical gifts that will ensure the best of comforts at any music festival!

music festival gift ideas
music festival gift ideas

Camp Shower: Get ’em Clean!

This one’s a two-fer.  Get your music festival loving friend the gift of cleanliness, with a portable camp shower tent and battery operated showerhead! Heck, you may even get them clean enough that you’ll consider camping with them at the next festival!

Shop for portable camp shower tent

Shop for Battery-powered shower head

music festival gift ideas

Yeti Cooler: Get ’em Cool!

No one likes a warm beer, especially after dancing in the sun all day.  Problem solved, with the Yeti line of coolers that are worth the hefty price tag when you add up all the ice you will save in its lifetime!  No more waking up at the music festival to find all of your food and drinks floating in a pool of warm water!

The Yeti Hopper is compact – the perfect size for a 12-pack of whatever – and doesn’t break the bank too much.  Get this for the music festival fan and they’ll be eternally grateful.   So will you, when they can finally offer you a cold beer!

Shop for Yeti Hopper Cooler

music festival gift ideas

Get ’em Comfortable, with a Backpack Chair.

We love multi-function innovation!  Whoever thought of this Folding-seat Backpack must have been to a music festival or two!  Carry your gear, snacks and other essentials, and take a load off when you need to!

Other features make this a perfect music festival gift idea: Double waterproof coating, Padded shoulder straps, Foldable steel frame stool, Mesh water bottle pockets.

Shop for Sport Folding Seat Backpack

music festival gift ideas
music festival gift ideas

Get ’em Cooking!

Any practical music festival fan needs a good camp kitchen!  

Sure, staying up ’til dawn listening to your favorite band is great, but it’s even better when you can wake up to a good cup of coffee and an omelet!  The GCI Slim-fold Camp Kitchen is the perfect base for all your cooking needs at a music festival.  It folds flat for storage, and has space for a camping stove or grill, cooking utensils, and cookware, while still leaving room to work!  The music fan in your life will definitely appreciate this music festival gift!

Shop for GCI Slim-fold Camp Kitchen

Want to stock the kitchen for them, too?

This 20-piece, lightweight and compact camp utensil set is a perfect gift for music festival lovers!  It includes just about everything a camper needs to get cooking!

Shop for Camp Cooking Utensil Set

Music Festival Gifts: For the gearhead/techie music festival lover

Even at a music festival, there are folks who geek-out on the latest gear.  Heck, you don’t need to be a so-called gearhead to be impressed with efficient innovation!

These music festival gifts are sure to impress anyone, especially those who appreciate technology. But who can’t appreciate a good flashlight, or a nice, compact solar charger?

Check out these music festival gifts for the gear and tech inclined:

music festival gift ideas
music festival gift ideas

Get ’em Charged!

Staying connected at a music festival can be a challenge but with this Solar-powered charging station, you won’t miss an update!  Water resistant and dustproof to survive the worst festival conditions, this portable solar charger also has a built-in flashlight.

Available in several color options, a Portable Solar Charger is a perfect gift for anyone attending a music festival!

Shop for Portable Charger Solar Charger

Need to get charged on the go?

How about a Solar-Charging Backpack?!  Now you can charge your devices while dancing in the sun!

Shop for Solar Charging Backpacks


music festival gift ideas

Get ’em Lit!

No, not that kind of “Lit”

Keeping your campsite lighted at night can be a challenge at any music festival.  A set of solar-powered lanterns should do the trick!  A great gift for anyone, especially a music festival lover, these inflatable solar lights are completely powered by the sun.  The solar lights glow in 8 colors, with the ability to cycle through all colors.  They also easily deflate for packing and travel!

Shop for Multi-Color Inflatable Solar Light

music festival gift ideas

Get ’em Lit!

Ok, maybe that kind of “Lit”!

Sure, lot’s of folks are going to drink at a music festival.  Hopefully not so much that you can’t find your way back to the tent!  Well, with the VSSL Outdoor Utility Tool – Flask and Flashlight Combo, that won’t be a problem!

With 2 shot-glasses, a bottle opener, compass, and flashlight, this gift will get the music festival fan in your life home safely while still having a good time!

Shop for VSSL Flask – Flashlight

music festival gift ideas

JBL Flip 4: Get ’em some tunes!

Yeah, it’s a music festival, but you still need to bring your own tunes for camp!  

Every music festival lover will appreciate this gift – a portable, water resistant, Bluetooth speaker.  And one that really kicks! The JBL Flip 4 is equipped with JBL Connect, so multiple speakers can be linked to really crank the tunes, making this Bluetooth speaker a great gift for a music festival!

Shop for JBL Bluetooth Speakers

music festival gift ideas

Get ’em a party!

When you bring the cold drinks AND the music, you bring the party!

That’s what happens when you gift a music lover this rechargeable speaker/cooler combo.  Show up with this bad-boy at your next music festival, and you are the party!

Shop for Speaker/Cooler Combo

Music Festival Gifts: For the Fashion-minded partier 

Sure, we can be practical and into our festival gear, but we’re really there to party.

And there’s nothing wrong with looking good while we do it!

Every music festival lover could use something new to take their party to the next level.  Here are some gift ideas for music festivals for the friend who loves to have a good time:

music festival gift ideas
music festival gift ideas

Stay Shady: Party Shades

You can’t party properly at a music festival without cool shades.  And shades are not just for the daytime!

These multi-color heart-shaped sunglasses will have anyone going to a music festival looking cool.

Shop for Heart-shaped Sunglasses

Shop for Kaleidoscope Glasses

music festival gift ideas

Guess who’s back … Fanny Packs!

Let’s face it.  Fanny packs are cool again.  (Were they ever not?)

Fanny packs make great gifts for music festival lovers because you can never have too many!  With so many styles to choose from, a fanny pack is always a good gift.  Check out these Holographic Rave Packs from SoJourner, and gift one to your music festival lover!

Shop for Fanny Packs

music festival gift ideas
music festival gift ideas

LED Shoes

Yeah, these aren’t just for kids anymore!  (But aren’t we all kids at a music festival?)  How about partying in these LED Light up shoes!  These come in 7 colors, each with 4 light sequences, and recharge through a USB. 

Give these shoes as a gift to a music festival lover and they’ll be dancing your praises all festival long!

Shop for LED Shoes

music festival gift ideas

Light it Up!  Fiber Optic Hoodie

You’re certain to be seen in this hoodie, that’s for sure!

If you pick up this gift for someone to wear to their next music festival, you’re pretty much winning.  And they definitely are, when they turn on this battery-powered Fiber Optic Hoodie at the dance party! This is a next-level music festival maneuver, for sure!

Shop for Fiber Optic Hoodie

music festival gift ideas

The Gift of Glitter: Unicorn Snot

Yup.  You read that correctly.  Unicorn Snot.  

Because of the magical quality of Unicorns, their snot has been harvested (no Unicorns were harmed in the process) and is now wearable by music festival lovers ’round the world!

Unicorn Snot is actually a holographic body glitter gel.  And seriously, no Unicorns – or any other animals – were harmed in the making, as is it is completely vegan and cruelty-free.  Give the gift of shimmer with a conscience to your music festival fan!

Shop for Unicorn Snot

Music Festival Gifts: Gifts for everyone 

They all may have different styles and needs, but there is one thing the music festival lovers in your life all have in common – they love music festivals!

Here are some music festival gifts that all fans can enjoy:

music festival gift ideas


Gift your music festival lover a hammock!

Hammock technology has come a long way – there are now plenty of affordable, durable, and lightweight packable hammocks available.  Throw one in your day-pack and find a tree when your feet get tired from dancing!

Shop for Hammocks

music festival gift ideas

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Who doesn’t want a hot cup of coffee in the morning – especially after dancing all night!

The Aeropress is a terrific gift for anyone  – but for those who camp and go to music festivals often, it is invaluable! It easily makes a cup of coffee or espresso, and it cleans up in a snap.  It also comes with a nice carrying case, so when festival time comes, just grab it and go!

Shop for Aeropress

music festival gift ideas


You may not get too many chances to get clean at a music festival!  We’ve learned from experience that a wet-wipe can be your best friend.

Trust us.  It may not seem glamorous, but a gift of GoodWipes Body Wipes will come in handy for any music festival lover!  These things are twice the size of a normal wet wipe, making sure you get into all the nooks and crannies!  Plus, they’re biodegradable!  Give yourself a wipe-down and get back to the party, hippie!

Shop for GoodWipes Body Wipes

music festival gift ideas

Get Horizontal: Inflatable Lounge Chair

You’ve seen these somewhere lately, or at least seen someone looking a fool while trying to get one inflated properly!

These chairs are all the rage – and, yes, they can be tricky to master, but once you get one inflated, it’s as comfortable as you’ll ever be while watching your favorite band tear it up!  Gift one of these to a music festival lover – and be sure to be around when they try to learn to use it!

Shop for Inflatable Lounge Chair

music festival gift ideas

The Everything Chair

It’s a backpack!  It’s a chair!  It’s a cooler!

The only thing it can’t do is drive you home after the music festival, but who knows!

This Backpack-Cooler-Chair from One Savvy Girl is an awesome gift for someone going to a music festival.  I don’t really know how much more explaining it needs – It’s a backpack.  It’s a chair.  It’s a cooler!  It’s awesome!

Shop for One Savvy Girl Backpack-Cooler-Chair

There you have it!  A gift for just about every music festival lover you know.  From the practical music festival attendee to the stylish partier, these music festival gifts are sure to please.  And once you get the giving started, who knows what music festival gifts you may receive in return!

Still looking for more music festival gifts?

How about some custom styles from Festy GoNuts? 

Funky Festival Gear from Festy GoNuts – we have styles for everyone, and will gladly make a custom design if it is within our ability.  Contact us to inquire.

Funky Festival Gear

We like to look good and wear fun stuff when we attend music festivals.

With our “GoNuts Stuff”, you’ll be the coolest kid on the playground.  We also do custom designs, so drop us a line if you want something made!

Visit the Festy GoNuts Shop for your fun festy gear.

Gear for Music Festivals by Festy GoNuts

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